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WDRB News Interviews David Blair

This morning WDRB News reporter Keith Kaiser interviewed the top Louisville wedding photographer David Blair about how to get great photos whether you are using a professional high-end camera or just your camera phone. David showed some iconic Louisville wedding photography and discussed how the same principles that apply when he’s working with a bride and groom on their big day also can be applied when you’re trying to take a quick photo with your phone. David noted that camera phones certainly have their limitations, but it does not mean that you cannot get a great image you can enjoy.

After you have decided what the image will be of, David explained that the main things to consider are the lighting, the background and the overall composition of the image. Often we see a moment and most people quickly grab a picture without noting the lighting. You want to have a good amount of light on your subject whether it is a person, an object or a whole scene. If the main source of available light is coming from behind your subject or from the side so it’s only lighting up half of the face, you need to move to make your image better. Put the source of light behind you or slightly to one side and you will be able to evenly light the face of the loved one whose picture you’re taking.

The next thing David advised was to pay attention to what is behind your subject. Usually you are not just taking a picture of your spouse. Rather it is an image of your spouse at a particular place and you want to be able to show that in the image. You want to leave enough space around them to see that they’re at the beach or wherever.  Often there are distracting elements behind the people in your photos that could be eliminated if you simply chose a different angle to shoot from. It is easy enough to avoid power lines, exit signs and parking lots if you just take an extra moment to analyze the image before you press that shutter button.

Lastly, David explained how, the composition of the image can easily make the difference between a mediocre image and a great photo. This is where creativity and effort coming. To make your image more interesting you can choose a different angle or perspective. Perhaps you will climb on something to shoot from above or drop to one knee to get an image of a child at their level. You can shoot through things to have a more interesting foreground. Try to incorporate lines that lead to your subject or the curve of a road or path to tell more of a story.

Whether you’re shooting with your camera phone or a big digital SLR David’s advice is that you can take better pictures if you think through the lighting, the backdrop and the composition. You are ultimately in control of each picture because you’re the one who points the camera. Put some more effort into it in your everyday photos and you’ll be pleased with the results, but when something truly important like a wedding comes up call in a professional like David Blair so you can just enjoy the moments and be assured that they will be captured well.

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Brenda Boyd

I attended a wedding David did the photos for and they turned out amazing.

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