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Stephanie and Jason’s Louisville Engagement Session

Stephanie and Jason’s wedding is just a couple weeks away so it was extra exciting spending some time with these two for their Engagement Session. As a Louisville and Lexington wedding photographer, I encourage each of my couples to plan on doing an engagement session.  Kentucky has so many great locations for us to choose from, but wherever we choose to shoot, the session not only provides lots of fun pictures of the two of them, but also gives a great opportunity for the three of us to get to know one another.  Once we are better acquainted it makes the wedding day itself go much more smoothly. The day of our shoot we had great weather and our casual session was  enjoyable. We went to a variety of places throughout the city including St. James Court, Cherokee Park and the waterfront. Stephanie and Jason are a sweet couple and I’m really looking forward to getting to document the day that they make their marriage vows.  They are good-looking people, yet their love and kindness towards one another is even more beautiful. Jason was a little nervous and far from excited about spending the afternoon taking pictures, but he knew it really matter to Stephanie, so he sacrificially made the time.  There is much to be praised in a man who looks not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.  A life filled with little moments like that are what make for great marriages.  I think Stephanie has got a keeper and I’m honored I get to take pictures of the moment when she makes it official.

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