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Shooting Nationals vs. Padres Baseball

Last weekend while I was in Washington D.C. shooting an engagement session I was able to go to the Nationals vs. Padres game. Pro sports are so great to shoot because not only do I get to see the best competition up close, but all of the arenas have great lighting too, making it easier to catch “the shot”. I also love to get out my 400mm telephoto lens to get in extra close. Click the image below to see a slide show of several images from the game. Check back soon to see the engagement session, if you don’t think D.C. is romantic the images we got might just change your mind.

Here are a few of the classic tourist shots from downtown D.C. Hope you like.

The president returning home in Marine One.

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Very nice! how long where you in D. C.?

David Blair

Thursday – Sunday last week.

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