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Rudy and Heather Get Engaged!!

She said Yes!!!  Rudy popped the question.

As a Louisville wedding photographer one of the unique things I get asked to do is to photograph proposals as they happen. Rudy contacted me recently because he was planning to pop the question soon and he wanted to have it well documented. Today was the day and I spent the afternoon secretly photographing the proposal.  Rudy planned it out well and managed to catch Heather completely by surprise.  She had just flown in to Louisville and went straight to a business meeting.  When her work was done Rudy picked her up and took her for a unique experience blowing glass. They were able to create their own custom piece of art together and then as they looked through the gallery they came across a glass heart that had an exquisite diamond engagement ring sitting on it.  She smiled and said “Is that my ring?” Rudy quickly dropped to one knee and asked one of the most important questions a man can ever ask.

Heather was surprised and sooo excited.  What’s more is she had no idea I was  on the other side of the gallery with a long lens documenting this important moment. A few minutes later I came much closer and she realize that I was part of the surprise. Then we did a few photos together before they went off to a romantic dinner. It was such a joy to be a part of this proposal!  Thanks and Congratulations Rudy and Heather!  To find out more about having David take pictures of you popping the question fill out the contact form. 

These images show the steps involved in creating a blown glass piece. When the glass comes out of the furnace it is at almost 2200°F. The artist must keep the molten glass constantly moving to keep it from simply melting off of the rod and falling onto the floor. Rudy and Heather were able to choose the colors they wanted and of course to open up the space inside the glass someone had to actually blow.  In the photo above Heather is adding just enough air to make her new Christmas ornament the size she wants.  Below are photos of the different pieces in the gallery among which was hidden her shiny new ring. A big thanks is in order to Flame Run Glass Studio who allowed me full access to create these images.

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Lisa Blair Williams

awesome pictures Dave, like always shot with creativity & class!

Mary Isdahl


Rick Varner

Congratulations young daughter in law to be, and young son! So proud of you both. Love Dad

Nancy Martin-Holcomb

Great pictures. So excited for you.

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