Featured Wedding in Kentucky Bride Magazine

Kentucky Bride Magazine is currently featuring a wedding of mine.  As a Kentucky wedding photographer, I am honored to have my work in one of the most classy and beautiful bridal magazines in the region herunterladen. Casey and Holly were married in their hometown of Jamestown on July 18, 2009. The small town wedding pulled out all of the stops with the gentle pink accents and a perfectly hosted reception Download utorrent for free. Since Casey and Holly grew up only a few miles from each other, the wedding was a bit of a town event with a full church. Congrats again Casey and Holly tumblr blog downloaden!

Here is the brides story, in her own words, that is featured in the Magazine. Casey and I grew-up within a few miles of each other and ran amongst the same circle of friends zedge. However, we didn’t formally meet until high school. Looking through photos to place in our wedding slideshow, we stumbled upon a picture of Casey and me at Story Hour when we were only five years old.  There we were, sitting next to each other!  Of course, we didn’t know it at the time, but twelve years later we’d be beginning our own story–together nuance pdf.

We wanted a classic wedding with whimsical touches.  Pink has always been my favorite color but the day wasn’t all about me so, to add some masculinity, black was incorporated.   I loved the idea of using green apples in the centerpieces to add an extra splash of uniqueness and color.  Being kids-at-heart, Casey and I created a personalized coloring book, complete with the entire wedding party Download iphon apps for free. Children, and adults, were “treated” to a candy table at the reception.

Casey was skeptical about a July wedding because, as most Kentuckians know, July is hot and humid.  Unfortunately, due to my school schedule, July was our only choice to tie the knot.  However, God blessed us with the coldest day July had ever seen!  The cloudless sky and beaming rays of sunshine made for perfect outdoor pictures and a beautiful day we’ll always remember.  The most precious moment captured by our photographer was when our ring bearer was caught napping in the foyer as our guests arrived.  Another special moment that we’ll always treasure involves seeing our closest friends and family when we first walked into the reception.  Feeling such an overwhelming sense of love, all in one day, is a memory we will never forget download with ipad mp3. The wedding vendors were David Blair Photography, The Twisted Stem, Swan’s Landing Catering, Abell Videography, Cakes by Jeanne Douthitt, Heidy Ximenes – string quartet download the writing program.

Kentucky Bride Magazine also featured this full page engagement photo of mine, as well as a cake shoot I took at the Galt House präsentationen downloaden.

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Shooting Nationals vs. Padres Baseball

Last weekend while I was in Washington D.C gratis musik herunterladen apple. shooting an engagement session I was able to go to the Nationals vs. Padres game. Pro sports are so great to shoot because not only do I get to see the best competition up close, but all of the arenas have great lighting too, making it easier to catch “the shot” shazam für pc herunterladen. I also love to get out my 400mm telephoto lens to get in extra close. Click the image below to see a slide show of several images from the game. Check back soon to see the engagement session, if you don’t think D.C Download word mac. is romantic the images we got might just change your mind.

Here are a few of the classic tourist shots from downtown D.C kinderserien downloaden kostenlos. Hope you like.

The president returning home in Marine One skype auf macen.

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Very nice! how long where you in D. C.?

David Blair

Thursday – Sunday last week.

Robbie and Jordan’s Gardencourt Wedding

Louisville Bride magazine published Robbie and Jordan’s Gardencourt Wedding in it’s Fall issue herunterladen. As one of the top wedding photographers Louisville has to offer David Blair regularly has his work featured in bridal magazines.  For Robbie and Jordan’s wedding everything came together perfectly.  It was a beautiful day at a gorgeous venue, but when a bunch of hot air balloons rose over the horizon it turned into what seemed to be a magical wedding moment.  Before I tell you more let’s rewind for a minute and see how we got here Download mamma mia klaviernoten for free.
It started with a look. Robbie had been attending a college age gathering at his church for a few months, when one night, Jordan walked in adobe digital editions download failed. While Robbie was standing talking to a friend, he was suddenly awestruck by her beauty. His friend noticed and said “go talk to her”. Robbie, being kind of nervous, decided to wait free mp3 songs download legal. By the end of the night, Jordan was wondering who this guy was that kept staring at her. They were introduced that night, but that was it. The next week, after the service, Robbie decided to talk to Jordan to get to know a little about her Download photos from icloud windows. They talked for a few minutes and then went their separate ways. The next day, when Jordan went to her car after work, she found a note. It was a note from Robbie leaving his number and asking if she would like to go out sometime free download of new ccleaner. The next day, she called and that night was their first date. On the first date, they both knew that this was different from other dates they had been on esxi vm herunterladen. Their interests and personalities just seemed to mesh together. Robbie wanted this date to stand out from others Jordan had been on, so the next day he had flowers delivered to her work vlc youtube video herunterladen. The date began four wonderful years of dating. The night before Jordan’s  23rd birthday, Robbie gave her an early present; an engagement ring.
She had always wanted a Fall wedding, so they decided to get married in September at Gardencourt, located on the campus of the Presbyterian Louisville Seminary microsoft office home kostenlos download. The outdoor wedding provided a beautiful landscape for this special day. And the day truly was special. Rain clouds early in the day magically dissipated to create the perfect setting diskstation. The couple had selected for their wedding photography Louisville photographer David Blair who could capture the essence and mood of the day in a way that they could cherish for a lifetime. David worked masterfully capturing every detail.  Quite to everyone’s surprise as the ceremony processional began hot air balloons began to rise above this beautiful outdoor wedding.  When the ring bearer started walking down the aisle he just stopped and pointed at the balloons yelling out, “Balloon! Balloon!” Can you really blame him?  David was able to get incredible images while the bundle of hot air balloons floated quietly over the ceremony. It made quite the backdrop for this beautiful fall wedding. After a flawless wedding, the couple headed across the river to Kye’s reception hall. The reception was lively and upbeat with music and dancing. A delectable dinner was served by Ladyfingers and an artisan decorated cake by Sweet Stuff was enjoyed. All in all this was the perfect evening of which the couple had been dreaming for so long. If you’re looking for one of the best wedding photographers Louisville has to offer, call David Blair today!


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