David & Kelsey’s Wedding

David & Kelsey’s Wedding at Green Foundation Lodge was an elegant event. These two not only looks great but we’re having a fabulous time. Their joy was just so obvious throughout the whole day. The lodge was not far from this old rusty train trestles and this adventurous couple loved the idea, so up they climbed to make a few unique wedding portraits. The arbor used for the ceremony was a handmade project by the groom and father of the bride that turned out simply lovely. It added not only a beautiful touch to the look of the ceremony but also the sentimental reminder the beginning of life as a new family. David’s parents traveled from China for the occasion and now David & Kelsey are making their way to China for a second ceremony there. It was a joy to be a part of this momentous day and I was honored to document the celebration.

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Chris & Rebecca’s Wedding at the Brown Hotel

Chris & Rebecca’s Wedding at the Brown Hotel was a true fairy tale. This princess and her prince absolutely looked the part and the elegant surroundings just accented their celebration. Every detail was chosen with care and the whole day went off without a hitch. Ok, so they got hitched, but that’s not what I meant 🙂 Rebecca had so much fun getting ready with all of her entourage and she looked absolutely amazing all day long. The wedding ceremony took place at Ascension Church with its beautiful stain glass windows. Then the wedding party got in a bus and headed downtown for the reception at the historic Brown Hotel.  The Crystal Ballroom in the Brown is a gorgeous venue with intricate detail work along both the walls and ceiling. Of course, the ballroom fittingly matches the fabulous architecture of this classic historic hotel in the heart of the city. As a Louisville wedding photographer I love any opportunity I get to work at the Brown. I took Chris & Rebecca up to the rooftop to do some Brown Hotel wedding photos at sunset and had them dance around a bit. It was so romantic and magical. I simply love the images we made! They are such a sweet couple and I’m so glad I got to be part of documenting their day. The ballroom reception looked absolutely stunning as the guests entered for a delicious dinner and an unstoppable dance party led by a rocking live band – KUDMANI. The evening ended with a grand exit with the guests sending Chris & Rebecca off through a tunnel of sparklers.

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Eric & Brianna’s Wedding

I had the honor recently to be in my good friend Eric’s wedding…  I’ve been to so many other weddings over the years and truthfully, it felt a bit strange not being the photographer. At one point during the ceremony as I stood up on the platform I could not help but think that this was a great angle to take a picture from. Yet in that moment I was reminded that I was doing something even more important. Marriage is an extremely important commitment and we all need support along the way. Rather than looking in and documenting the day I was truly part of the day as I stood not only as a witness of this union, but as a friend who will help Eric to never break his vows.  After the reception we went down along the river and the couple were gracious enough to let me create a few comfortable portraits for just a few minutes before they rushed off to their honeymoon. I especially love this first image with the blossoms on the trees. I am so happy that Eric and Brianna are now one flesh, destined to honor the Lord together for the rest of their lives. Let me tell ya, Eric was one dapper dude, but Brianna stole all of the attention with her beautiful hair and in that gorgeous gown. Congrats you guys, I am so glad to stand by your union and I look forward to seeing your family grow.


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Sara and Jon’s Louisville Wedding

Sara and Jon’s wedding took place at St Mary’s Church where Sara grew up attending. It is a cute little white church building out in the countryside. The ceremony in which they vowed their fidelity to each other was beautiful. We took some time to do some portraits both inside and outside of the church. Then after the morning wedding everyone headed to the reception atop the Brown Hotel for an absolutely fabulous brunch. Sara and Jon love breakfast foods and the catering staff at the Brown made sure everyone had something they enjoyed with a variety of scrumptious options.  In addition to the buffet there was a custom omelette bar. The view of Louisville on the crisp clear day made an excellent backdrop to their festivities. As a Louisville wedding photographer I love Brown Hotel Wedding Receptions and this was no exception. The grandeur of the architecture truly matched the importance of what was being celebrated. We made some images down on the street outside the hotel, in the ornate lobby and up on the rooftop just steps away from where the reception was held. It was an honor to document this most important day for Jon and Sara. Their love for one another was obvious for everyone to see and made my task of creating comfortable portraits of the two of them a breeze. They are lovely couple and I hope these images help them cherish this day for decades to come. Congratulations and thanks for letting me be part of your day!

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David & Kelsey are getting married!

Kelsey said YES!  As a Louisville wedding photographer one of the exciting and unique things I get asked to do is to photograph proposals as they happen. David contacted me recently because he was planning to pop the question in Louisville and he wanted to have it well documented. Today was the day and I spent the afternoon secretly photographing the proposal along the river front with the city skyline as the backdrop. David & Kelsey spent the whole day together and then just before sunset David dropped to one knee and proposed! After she said yes and kissed her new fiancé she notice that I have been documenting the whole thing like the paparazzi out of the window of my vehicle. Next they were gracious enough to spend a few minutes with me creating some comfortable portraits to mark the momentous occasion. I could not be more excited for them!
Congratulations to both of you!

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