Nick & Wendy’s Wedding

Nick and Wendy’s Wedding at the Seelbach Hotel in downtown Louisville was an elegant occasion. Every detail had been thought through to ensure this couple would be celebrated in style. First of all they chose an excellent venue. As a Louisville wedding photographer I often get to photograph at the historic Seelbach Hilton and I never get tired of it. It helps give every image a good bit of sophistication even before you add an attractive woman in an elegant dress. That being said, Wendy was a truly beautiful bride and her jewelry, dress and accessories only helped to make that more evident. I love that she even got a tuxedo for her dog. One of my favorite images from the day is the one of Nick and Wendy looking at one another with their endless reflections in the mirrors. All the festivities took place in the Grand Ballroom up on the 10th floor with a beautiful view of the city and the late afternoon sunlight. The elegant room has palladium windows, massive crystal chandeliers, marble wall accents and a welcoming fireplace. It’s no surprise that it was featured in The Great Gatsby as the setting for a wedding. After the ceremony everyone headed out into the foyer for a cocktail hour while the room was transformed into an opulent reception with beautiful center pieces and an excellent meal that would rival that of many good steak houses. They invited a lively band and the dance floor was  moving throughout the evening. Nick even got on stage to play the cowbell. Everyone had such a great time.

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Katie & Joshua’s Winter Wedding

Katie and Joshua’s Winter wedding took place at Huber’s winery on a cold snow covered day.  Katie looked simply elegant against the icy cold background. Her beautifully modest gown was graceful and sophisticated and her pearl necklace made an excellent finishing touch. Katie is a family friend and it was and honor to photograph her lifelong marriage vows to Joshua. Their excitement and affection for one another was enjoyable to watch. She had been hoping for snow on her wedding day and it did not look like it was going to happen even earlier in the week, but then just two days before the wedding the forecast changed and indeed it snowed all night before the wedding day. She could not have been happier. Of course all the festivities were held inside, but they both wanted to venture out into the cold for their first look and to take some beautiful pictures against the snow covered landscape. The ceremony was distinctly Christian, honoring God and proclaiming the distinctions of Christian marriage. It was a celebration of the union of Katie and Joshua, but also there was a clear recognition that this wedding, and marriage in general, is a symbol of the much greater union between Jesus Christ and His bride, the church. The reception was an enjoyable time with food, laughter and dancing that kept going long into the night. I’m so happy for them and also glad that they got to go warm up in Palm Springs for their honeymoon.

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Nick & Wendy’s Engagement Session

What a fun afternoon I had with Nick and Wendy. With the autumn leaves in their full grandeur we made our way through out Louisville for this enjoyable engagement session. Nick and Wendy were so fun to get to know and I am thoroughly looking forward to their wedding next summer. After some images on a golf course and beside a historic mansion we made our way to the Brown hotel and then to the city skyline.

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Katie & Joshua’s State College Engagement Session

As a State College Wedding Photographer I love doing romantic engagement sessions for my clients. For Katie & Joshua’s State College engagement session we went to an old farm on the edge of the city. Pennsylvania has so many beautiful settings to create State College Wedding Photography and engagement photos like these. After taking a few photos on the campus of Penn State we made our way up to the McCann School of Art. I enjoyed shooting in the forest with all the ferns and in the beautiful little courtyard with the rod iron gazebo, especially the whimsical one taken from above. We had a great afternoon and even finished by taking some more time just to get to know each other better over some delicious barbecue. Katie and Joshua are both delightful to spend time with.  The temperature and the lighting were great as we created these State College engagement photos. Katie is a longtime family friend and it was fun meeting her new fiancé. Their affection for one another was obvious and a joy to photograph. Couple sessions like these give me an opportunity to get to know my clients better before the wedding and provide them with some comfortable and relaxed portraits they can use for save the dates and line the walls of their new home with. I enjoyed our conversation and I’m so looking forward to their wedding this winter. Katie is hoping for snowy winter wonderland wedding day and I hope she gets to have her wish.

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Sydney & Jennifer’s Wedding at Churchill Downs

Sydney and Jennifer’s Wedding at Churchill Downs was a joy to photograph. The venue was of course quite unique. Louisville’s Churchill Downs racetrack made famous by the annual running of the Kentucky Derby was a fun choice to host their celebration. We were sure to place the iconic twin spires in the background of several images. It was a race day so guess had the option of coming early to enjoy the track’s festivities. But late in the afternoon all attention was focused upon Jennifer walking down the aisle to her love. Sydney who also goes by Chuck was in tears watching his beautiful bride stride towards him. It was a Christian wedding with the words of Scripture not only being read and proclaimed by the minister but also printed on the custom aisle runner. It had the words, “I have found the one whom my soul loves” from the Bible’s Song of Solomon. And indeed it was a celebration of finding love, but even more solemnly committing to love one another for the rest of life. This is part of why I love wedding photography specifically, because I’m not just providing artistic photographic images, but I’m documenting one of the most serious vows people every take. My goal as a wedding photographer is to help each couple relive one of the most important days of their life for years to come. Each detail is important and for this wedding the donut wall, unique hanging lights over the bar and views of both the city and the racetrack from the reception room made it distinct. One of my favorite moments of the day was during the traditional father daughter dance when the music abruptly changed to something upbeat and they wowed all the guest with their impressive dance moves. Congratulations Sydney and Jennifer and thanks for the honor of having me be part of your day!

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