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Louisville Wedding Portraits

I hope you enjoy these Louisville wedding portraits from this shy couple who has chosen to remain anonymous.  Well that is unless you recognize them somewhere and say, “Didn’t I see you on a Louisville wedding photographers blog?”  Who knows, at that point they might tell you their names, then again they might just look at you like you’re crazy.  Whether you figure out who they are or not you certainly can enjoy these comfortable portraits. I love this first photo with the Louisville skyline behind the bride and groom. It was late afternoon and I let the image with off camera flash to give it a more dramatic look.  I absolutely love skyline wedding photos. They additionally made time for us to go to Cherokee Park where we were also able to make use of the beautiful autumn colors.  I’ll admit they took a little while to warm up, but once they were focused on one another and not on me, they lit up with emotion and showed off some great smiles.  At one point the breeze really picked up and we were able to capture a beautiful image with her veil flowing in the wind.  We also got to work  with the elegant fountain in St. James Court  before we went to the church.  Both the stonework and gorgeous wooden doors of Walnut Street Baptist Church in old-town Louisville make excellent backdrops for portraits.  Lastly with the beautiful location of course we also had to get a photo showing the whole front of the church building.  Feel free to pin your favorite images to Pinterest or to leave a comment below.

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