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Ashley and Nathan’s Louisville Engagement Session

Louisville Engagement Photos
These Louisville engagement photos we’re so much fun to take. Ashley and Nathan, who will be getting married next month at the Brown Hotel, love all that this city has to offer. I asked them what they had in mind for their session and they explained how they wanted to have a distinctly Louisville engagement session that would remind them of  fun times they’ve had in and around the city. Of course, as a Louisville engagement photographer I had lots of ideas, so we went to the iconic Twin Spires of Churchill Downs. We wandered out into the country side just outside of the city and into a stream to get some more rustic images. We strolled out on the 2nd Street Bridge and crossed the river to shoot the cityscape at sunset. We thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon together, but more than that we were preparing for the wedding. Helping couples relax and look comfortable in their images takes some work.  I will let you in on the secret, the engagement session is key. I believe having an engagement session makes a momentous difference in capturing people being themselves on their wedding day. I call it an engagement session, but it is actually a kind of pre-wedding portrait session. It is a significant part of my work, and I include it with every wedding I do. I strongly encourage each couple to take advantage of the session because, not only does it provide more romantic images of the couple, but it also benefits me tremendously as the photographer. It is for me, as much as it is for each couple, because I get to see how they interact with each other and with the camera. I get to know them and what to expect from them on the wedding day.  The engagement session functions as a very low-key, warm-up to the wedding. I want to make it fun and casual, so I tell them to wear something they look good in, but can also be comfortable in. The couple picks a location like walking in a park or hanging out on Louisville’s riverfront. The setting and the scenario is completely up to the couple which enables every shoot to be different and for each set of clients to get something unique. Wherever couples decide to have their engagement session, the benefit is always confidence in their photographer. They relax and realize they can be comfortable with me. Before we start shooting, I tell them that I am going to put them in this good light or by this attractive architecture and then just leave them to interact.  Some posing is still involved, but for the most part I want couples to just be themselves. I suggests that they walk, talk, hold hands, kiss and just do what seems natural.  Of course, I always encourage couples to show affection because it always looks good and it helps them relax. I had so much fun with Ashley and Nathan taking these Louisville engagement pictures and we all are looking forward to making more images on their wedding day.
Engagement Photos with the Twin Spires of Churchill Downs
Rustic Louisville Engagement Photos
Louisville Engagement Session
Louisville Engagement Sessions
Louisville Engagement Picture
At the end of our session several police officers were responding to a emergency nearby and we were able to get some unique images with their lights flashing in the background.
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