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Kentucky Bride Magazine Interviews David

Kentucky Bride Magazine recently interviewed David for the magazine’s blog series entitled May We Recommend. When it comes to choosing a Kentucky wedding photographer, one of the  most important things brides look for is a person who can both capture their memories in a fun and vivid way and be fun to be around at the same time. Read as Kentucky Bride asked David how he photographs couples in love. The interview and recommendation was released today and can be seen at  David is honored anytime a bridal publication features his work and is especially humbled that a regional magazine so highly respected in the wedding industry wanted to interview him.  Below you can read the interview.

Kentucky Bride: According to your website “Bio” page, you first picked up a camera in high school. Was your passion for photography instantaneous?
David: Instantaneous is probably overstating it, but it did not take long at all for me to simply love capturing images that led the viewer to see things a bit differently. Whether it was freezing a fast action moment that allowed the viewer to notice intricate details or choosing interesting perspectives and angles that made my subject matter appear more interesting. I quickly realized I had found a new love.
Kentucky Bride: How did you know you wanted to turn your love of photography into a career? Did you always know you wanted to be a wedding photographer?
David: Before photography was even a career possibility in my mind it was simply an art. I loved creating images that people enjoyed looking at. I was an artist and assumed that photography would simply be a hobby for me. I created nature and fine art photos, but I found myself again and again drawn to photographing people. I loved photographing action and emotion, which led me primarily into photographing sports and to gain the access I wanted I needed a press pass. I worked for a variety of newspapers as a sports photojournalist, but soon found myself hungry to tell more of the story than the news media would allow. An editor would often choose one or two images from a whole day of shooting and then would have a writer tell the story. I wanted to tell the story myself with images and when I photographed a few weddings at the request of friends and family I realized I had found my niche. I could do something I absolutely loved and people would pay me for it!


Kentucky Bride: When it comes to choosing a photographer, it is arguably one of the most important decisions a bride will make for her Big Day. On your own website homepage, you say, “You’re not just paying for a service, you’re investing in memories.” What are some things a bride should look for when she’s selecting a photographer and essentially, looking for someone to capture her priceless memories?

David: When choosing your photographer the most important characteristic you should look for is Great Images! I would recommend a bride study each photographer’s images to see whether their images tell a story. Do they capture special moments? Are their photographs interesting and do any stand out as unique? Do the people in the photographs look comfortable? Also, pick a photographer you feel comfortable talking with. Unlike most of your other wedding vendors who you’ll see occasionally throughout the day, your wedding photographer will be nearby for most of it, so choose someone you wouldn’t mind sharing it with.
Kentucky Bride:That being said, tell us why a bride should choose David Blair Photography for her wedding photographer? What sets you apart from other photographers?
David: Clients have told me they love my use of vivid colors, interesting angles and selective focus, but more than anything else I’ve been told people love how in an elegant way I truly capture how they felt on their wedding day. Personally, I think that what distinguishes my work is that it’s taken from the perspective of a man who truly appreciates all of God’s creation and cannot help but thank Him for what he sees through his lens.
Kentucky Bride: How far in advance should brides notify you if they want you to photograph their wedding?
David: Most of my schedule is filled about a year out so the sooner the better. Many vendors can have multiple weddings on each day, but photographers can only have one so you need to act quickly.
Kentucky Bride: According to your website, you will work everywhere from Louisville to Cincinnati to international locales. Where are some of the most exotic wedding locations you’ve traveled to?
David: Although most of my weddings are in Kentucky I do travel from coast to coast and even abroad. One of my favorite venues was a European castle overlooking the sea in the countryside of Sweden. The most romantic location was probably shooting at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
Kentucky Bride: What are some challenges presented by destination wedding photography? What about challenges in wedding photography in general?
David: The most challenging part of destination weddings is dealing with different languages. I’m quite comfortable shooting at locations I’ve never been before, but when I am trying to give a bride or groom some sort of direction that needs to be translated first it certainly complicates things. The two most common challenges to wedding photography in general are couples that are nervous and locations with distracting elements. Fortunately, as I spend time with my clients they get more and more comfortable and are put at ease. As for distracting elements there are a variety of techniques and equipment that can be used to focus attention on what is most beautiful and what matters most.
Kentucky Bride: How would you describe your photography style? How has your style changed from when you first picked up a camera?
David: I am a photojournalist with an artistic twist. What I mean is that I am on a search to capture real emotion and the organic moments that make up each wedding day. That being said, I also interact with each couple to produce comfortable portraits that do involve some guiding, yet even in these semi-posed photos couples always look comfortable and natural. Over the years my style has changed from being strictly a hands off photojournalist to a photographer who can help people be comfortable in front of the lens; which translates to better images.
Kentucky Bride: In your opinion, what are some of the elements that combine to create the perfect picture?
David: Light, love and personality. Even if there is not a person in the picture, everything is connected to people in some way. I want to tell that story. Color, symmetry, texture, contrast, patterns and lighting as well as emotion and expression all play a part. When I am taking images I want to find a way to create an image that is so refreshing that you find yourself just wanting to keep looking at it.
Kentucky Bride: According to your website, you do everything from weddings and engagements to proposal shoots. Apart from weddings, what is your favorite thing to photograph?
David: I love taking nature images after a fresh snow or when the fall colors are most vibrant and I still love photographing sports, but most of all I love to take pictures of my kids and my wife if she will let me.
Kentucky Bride: You also have a blog! How has this blog helped your photography business?
David: Blogging is fun for me and for my couples. After each wedding or engagement session I post a few of my favorite images along with the story of our time together. Friends near and far get to quickly enjoy images from the day and read a bit about what all went on and brides to be planning their wedding get inspiration for themselves. The exposure has been great for business and often brides explain how they have been following the blog for months before they hired me.
Kentucky Bride: At Kentucky Bride Magazine, two of our main goals are education and inspiration. Give us a few words of advice that could help us achieve these goals.
David: This question reminds me of how much I enjoyed National Geographic while I was growing up. This magazine not only told me about different cultures and many other interesting topics, but it actually showed them to me. I love that Kentucky Bride Magazine has image saturated pages and my advice would be to add even more. The best way I know to teach someone is to show them. We all learn better if we can see it. As for inspiration, if you want to truly inspire someone images are one of the most powerful tools I know of to do it. Keep showing brides gorgeous photos and they will love you for it.
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