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Jeffery and Kellyn’s Lexington Wedding

Lexington Wedding Photographers have so many options when it comes to finding the perfect background for a shot.  What we don’t all have, is the same subjects to work with.  I regularly travel throughout Kentucky and this wonderful couple, whose wedding I was honored to photograph, has to be one of the sweetest I have ever met.  I was so glad to be spending it with them. They were kind and compassionate both to one another and to everyone they interacted with. Jeffery and Kellyn’s Lexington wedding photography took place just outside of the city at a small historic church, that is actually one of the state’s oldest. their desire to honor God in their life and relationship was so evident not just in the ceremony, but in their words attitudes and actions all day long.  As a symbol that he was committing to love his new wife in a self-sacrificing way he opted to wash her feet just as Jesus did for his disciples. It was such a joy to be a part of this celebration because as much as it was a celebration of this couple, more so, it was a reason to celebrate and honor God.  It was intentionally a God glorifying wedding.  After the ceremony we created some comfortable portraits against the lush forests that surrounded the church building and then made our way, along with all the guests, into the heart of Lexington to enjoy the reception.  the party was at The Signature Club which is an excellent venue for creating beautiful Lexington wedding photography.  I loved the getaway car they chose. It was a gorgeous old Bentley that seemed to match this couple perfectly. I hope you Enjoy these images!

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