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Hannah Lynne & Wesley’s Wedding at Bernheim Forest

Hannah Lynne & Wesley’s Wedding at Bernheim Forest and her little country church was a joy to photograph.  They are wonderful people and I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of their day. This Kentucky Wedding out in the countryside was simple and all about how God is glorified in marriage.  I love so much about this first wedding image. It has an intimate and sweet mood about it and you can really see the connection and love between these two.  Did I mentioned the beautiful bride, fabulous location and excellent light as well. They had a sweet country wedding with an intimate reception among the trees. Of course, as a Louisville wedding photographer I’m always glad to head just south of the city to the gorgeous Bernheim Forest to take KY wedding photos. I have photographed both weddings and engagements there in the past and I was glad to come again.  Hannah Lynne had a large bridal party with both her sisters and friends from Auburn University as bridesmaids.  The couples closes friends and family as well as many from her local church came to witness the exchanging of wedding vows and celebrate the beginning of a new marriage. Her father the longtime pastor of the church both walked her down the aisle and presided over the ceremony. Wesley’s pastor and mentor took a part in the ceremony as well as Hannah Lynne’s former youth pastor. All three men spoke about how God is glorified in marriage. It was a serious time that focused the couple’s attention upon the massive commitment they were making both to one another and to God. Wesley committed to love her in a self-sacrificing way modeled after how Jesus Christ loved his bride, the church, and was willing to lay down His life for it. Hannah Lynne committed to joyfully follow and submit to her new husband in good times and bad.  Then both sets of parents gathered around the new couple to pray for them as they take on the new roles of husband and wife. As might be expected the seriousness was soon overtaken by overflowing joy as Wesley kissed his new bride and they headed to their reception to celebrate. To have a fun rustic feel they serve ice cold Coke’s in the bottle along with fresh fruit and cupcakes. The rest of the night was filled with laughing and dancing to the music of a live bluegrass band.

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Fern Landreneau

Your pictures are beautiful. So sorry I could not attend the wedding but you were in my thoughts and prayers every day of this wedding. My heart was with you.

Amy Augustine Dittman

So beautiful! Congratulations!

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