Ballon Race Fun 2013

What great fun to have Grandma and Grandpa Blair with us for the balloon festivities this year! AND a new family member! We really had a great time going to the glimmer Thursday night and then to the race onFriday morning… we’re glad we didn’t wait for the Saturday race because storms cancelled it! The pictures this year are lacking because the trailing balloons either had the wind shift or jsut did a terrible job following the lead… only ONE balloon made it close enough to drop his marker towards the target! Everyone else missed by a mile or more! So, here’s to spontaneity and fun family traditions….


I looked at the clock. Nearly 11am.
But I’m not dressed! My living room is the same disaster I woke up to! That load of clean laundry is still lying crumpled on the couch! Has anything even changed since I woke up, late again…??

I started feeling a bit discouraged. The air left my sails, even after two cups of coffee… Then, someone prompted me to think on what I did do between 8am and 11… so I started writing what I thought was going to be a disappointingly quick and easy list…

Fed two hungry boys
Changed a poopy diaper
Welcomed a friend dropping off 4mo-old Lincoln
Said good morning to a happy baby girl
Changed her diaper
Skimmed and posted an article to FB
Half nursed her, because a full nursing is far too long to be still for a 9mo-old
Woke a hard working hubby trying to catch extra shut eye
Briefly entertained four children
Helped a potty trainer to the potty twice, two makes!
Doled out rewards
Changed a completely blown out diaper, change of clothes and all
Bottle fed a baby, simultaneously finishing a nursing
Put 9mo-old down for a nap
Walked 4mo-old to sleep
Folded a load of kitchen towels from the dryer
Moved laundry accordingly
Fixed snacks for hungry boys
All while fielding multiple random conversation pieces from the boys…

I don’t mind that list:DIt is not disappointing at all. Children fed, nurtured…
After making the list, I felt compelled to remind other moms that their productivity is measured by God’s approval. Not because there are many things on the list. And definitely not because other people would find the items significant. Children fed, nurtured… that brings glory to God. I think God would approve of my list.

I have been freed from the chains of disappointment. By His grace, I can go about kissing foreheads, making lunch and vacuuming floors without worrying if I have accomplished enough. Christ has done it all for my salvation, none of these earthly works can win that for me in the end. I need only trust in Him, repent of sin. I have faith that this is true, therefore I have work to do, too. Precious, good work fit just for me to please Him.

I shouldn’t need to make a list to be reminded of that… but sometimes it helps:DGod has equipped us all differently, perfectly for our own seasons and circumstances.

So, while I’m off to give high-fives for a puzzle well done, help a baby boy back to sleep and make sure the 3yr-old poops in the potty, you may have a different lot given to you… You may be on your lunch break at work. You may be off to the grocery store. You may be finishing up history read alouds, moving on to that same math lesson you attempted yesterday…

Let God measure whether your work is significant or not. Rest your mind on Christ’s completed work. That is where our faith lies. Work unto the Lord with a joyful heart because you can rest in the Hope Christ has provided and the relationship He has provided us with God the Father. Show your faith to be alive, because “as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead” James 2:26.


Amen…no one can find fault in this.

Little Olympians

Little Olympians


AWESOME! Great speedos – where did you get them? :)

Aunt Theresa

So much fun!


Love it!!

July 4th, 2012

Look at me! I’m 7wks old and really trying to smile, though I don’t quite have it down yet! My double chin is coming in nicely and my hair hasn’t fallen out yet!

We had a really fun time with some new friends this holiday, here’s a pic of the trio with Pastor Jim… at least HE looks good:D

This was Isaac’s first time celebrating with sparklers!!! He caught on pretty quickly and went through about 10 all by himself, so fun!

Had to add this cute one of one of the boys’ friends, Kayden.


Look at you being all patriotic with their clothes!

Oh my! Such cute kids. Love the pictures. And LOVE the firework picture.

4 Weeks