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On my day off

With so many weddings and engagements this fall I have certainly been working a lot.  I truly love my job as a wedding photographer, but I also love taking a break with my family.  Here is some of the mischief my boys and I got in to on my day off.  If you’re curious how we got to this point it all started with us teaching our boys about the seasons.  It took a while to get the pattern of the seasons down, but they have it now. As the leaves began to change in the temperatures began to drop they demonstrated what they been learning by explaining to us how once leaves fall it is time to play in the snow.  So everyday for the last month Isaac has been saying, “Tomorrow we play in the snow!” or “A storm is coming… and then it’s sledding time!”  To their disappointment I had to explain that the snow will not come for quite some time.  My oh so creative wife on the other hand had a great idea and the result is shown in the video below.  Good times!  I think my favorite part is how Isaac was completely covered in leaves almost every time we went down the hill!  We had so much fun we had to incorporate some friends as well.  Ben and Will were having just as much fun leaf sledding as Jameson and Isaac did.

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