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Erin & Ed’s Firehouse Engagement Session

Erin & Ed’s Firehouse Engagement Session was a blast.  As a Louisville wedding photographer I always enjoy when people have unique ideas for their engagement session and this photo shoot was no exception. Ed, who is a Louisville Fire battalion chief, has spent much of his life on and near firetrucks so it only seemed fitting for us to take pictures with one.  We actually only spent a few minutes after he pulled the truck out creating these images because the crew received a call and quickly loaded up into the truck and were out of sight, but luckily we had already got what we needed.  Humorously, before Erin met Ed she had decided not to date any emergency professionals such as firemen or policemen.  Well that all changed and they are getting married this Fall.  After doing a little Pinterest research on creative fire station engagement photos, one unique shot that Erin wanted was her engagement ring in the Jaws of Life.  I like how it turned out. After taking pictures at the firehouse they changed into a different outfit and we went to a scenic stream to create some more romantic images and then after a meal together we made our way downtown to show off the Louisville cityscape. This session was yet another example of the vast variety the city has to offer.  I love that we were able to show the lush green forests and quiet stream as well as the urban background of city lights and skyscrapers.  Thanks again Erin & Ed. I’m really looking forward to your wedding!

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Missy Harris Dunagan

Awesome Job. wonderful pictures

Marsha Faye Allen

Gorgeous people!

Andrea Sears Garr

Awesome! Love all of them!

Emily Melhorn Powell

Those are SO good. Made me smile.

Autumn L Warren

Awesome pictures!!! Erin n Ed you both look great!!

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