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Eric & Brianna’s Wedding

I had the honor recently to be in my good friend Eric’s wedding…  I’ve been to so many other weddings over the years and truthfully, it felt a bit strange not being the photographer. At one point during the ceremony as I stood up on the platform I could not help but think that this was a great angle to take a picture from. Yet in that moment I was reminded that I was doing something even more important. Marriage is an extremely important commitment and we all need support along the way. Rather than looking in and documenting the day I was truly part of the day as I stood not only as a witness of this union, but as a friend who will help Eric to never break his vows.  After the reception we went down along the river and the couple were gracious enough to let me create a few comfortable portraits for just a few minutes before they rushed off to their honeymoon. I especially love this first image with the blossoms on the trees. I am so happy that Eric and Brianna are now one flesh, destined to honor the Lord together for the rest of their lives. Let me tell ya, Eric was one dapper dude, but Brianna stole all of the attention with her beautiful hair and in that gorgeous gown. Congrats you guys, I am so glad to stand by your union and I look forward to seeing your family grow.


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