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Emily and Keena’s Lexington Wedding at the Carrick House

Emily and Keena’s Lexington Wedding at the Carrick House is a perfect example of why I am a Lexington wedding photographer. I am based in Louisville, but I spend time creating Lexington wedding photos every year. There are always so many great images to capture that it is certainly worth the drive. I have never been part of a fraternity, or sorority for that matter, but after shooting Emily and Keena’s wedding, I am sure of one thing… when they throw a party, it’s going to be big! The laughter was non stop with this lively crew. Before we even got to the ceremony I was having a great time with the bridesmaids who were so energetic and had some fun photo ideas.  One of the bridesmaids grabed some sidewalk chalk and wrote the couple’s name in a heart along with their wedding date on the ground for a photo.  My favorite is the one shown above with all the bridesmaids shoes and bouquets surrounding their sidewalk art.  meanwhile the men had our feet began their celebrations with a few beers and a little bit of football. The weather was perfect for this outdoor wedding at the Carrick House in the heart of Lexington. After sharing their vows, the party moved to the reception hall which maintains the class of Carrick House, while being all together modern and contemporary. I loved Emily’s use of bright and flattering colors, sprinkled about the event flawlessly (except for maybe those cowboy boots…). The photo booth was a big hit with a line that seemed to never end. And even now as I look at that Krispy Kreme doughnut shot I start to drool.  Nice party you two and congrats on tying the knot!


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Keena and Emily Cheatham

These pictures are amazing! Thank you so much for capturing our wedding day so perfectly. We have enjoyed working with you and are so anxious to see the rest of the pictures, which we have no doubt will be absolutely beautiful. Thank you again for everything.
Keena and Emily

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