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Chris and Nicole’s Louisville Wedding

As a Louisville and Lexington wedding photographer I get to shoot in many beautiful locations from the urban center to secluded Horse farms. Some wedding celebrations are all contained within one venue while others make use of several. For Chris and Nicole’s Louisville Wedding they chose some of the city’s most elegant settings. We started with the ladies getting ready at the historic Seelbach Hilton in the heart of downtown then we made our way to St. Louis Bertrand for the ceremony and lastly to the Henry Clay for the lavish reception. As a photographic story teller I thoroughly enjoy so many different aspects of each wedding because together they form the visual narrative of the day. One point in the day that I have to be a bit more creative about is the experience of each guest as they come into the elegantly decorated reception hall. When my clients are looking through their wedding album in the years to come I want them to remember their room prepared for the grand celebration. So much planning, attention to detail and effort had gone into the look of the room so I certainly wanted to show what everyone saw as they entered the room. Nicole chose to have a variety of centerpieces incorporating flowers, candles and a bit of bling. Everything looked fabulous and we even snuck Nicole and Chris in just moments before there guess entered the room so they could take in the ambience. I was glad they were kind enough to let me get the above image before the party got started. Of course there’re so much more to their day, but rather than riding on and on I think it would be best for you to just see the story. Congratulations Nicole and Chris!

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