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New York Engagement Session – Caroline & Ersno

It’s always hard to sum up destination engagement sessions, because it’s not just about photos.  Engagement sessions are an experience.  It’s quality time spent with my clients, getting to know them individually and as a couple, eating amazing food together, talking wedding plans, having fun and seeing new places, in this case over a 3 day span. Caroline and Ersno live in a small community near Albany, New York. They invited me up to do a destination engagement session at their home in the countryside as well as in New York City.  We had a fabulous time together.  Caroline and Ersno live on 27 acres of beautiful property that are currently at almost the peak of their Fall beauty.  The weather was wonderful and I must have seen 10 or 15 dear darting about their woods.  The vivid colors and falling leaves gave us so much to work with.  The image above was taken just 20 yards behind their home.  The view from their front porch looks down upon the whole forest covered valley ablaze with color as well as their own small pond and yard.  We could have been satisfied there, but of course we found even more to explore.  After making use of the foliage on their property we stopped in an orchard and wandered about the grounds of a historic home.  We also took the short drive down into the heart of Manhattan to take more photos in New York City.  Ersno is a surgeon and unfortunately was on-call during our shoot.  We all knew we might get interrupted, but we were willing to take the risk since this was the only weekend we could all get together.  Well you could have guessed it, after shooting at the Brooklyn Bridge and just arriving at Central Park he was called into the hospital.  In Manhattan we spent more time in cabs than we did actually shooting, but again the whole engagement session experience is about far more than pictures.  Yes we had planned to get a lot more in the city, but what we did get was quality time together.  I loved watching them tease one another, laugh together and be affectionate. Caroline is a sweetheart and an excellent cook.  Ersno is one of the most personable people you’ll ever meet.  He kept us all laughing almost nonstop while telling story after story and also asking many questions that made it evident that he truly wanted to get to know me.  Their hospitality abounded to the point that I told them I felt like I was at a bed and breakfast.  They smiled and said, “Good!  Next time you better bring back your whole family… or at least your wife.”  Although we had just met we became friends on this short trip.  There is so much more I could write about our time together, but this will have to suffice.  You will see them again soon as Caroline and Ersno are getting married in Louisville at a private estate near Cherokee Park in just a few weeks.  I CAN’T WAIT.  Thank you two again so much for opening to me your home and your heart!
Again, look at all we had to work with in their own front yard.

The image above is out on the Brooklyn Bridge and the image below is one of the only places we could find in Central Park that was not crawling with people.

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Robin Papa

We are so happy for them! Wishing them the happiness we still enjoy after 40 years!!

Elsha Derek

Fabulous, you guys look Royalties! More blessings in the years to come. Love you both.

Simegn Petros

Congratulations!!! So happy dear Ersi! More blessings! You both look Exquisite !

Julie McDonnell

Gorgeous photos! Wishing you both much happiness!!!

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