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Winter Engagement Session in Louisville – Brandon and Allison


My job as a Louisville and Lexington wedding photographer leads me into all kinds of interesting situations. Point in case was this fun session. It was quite an adventure doing Brandon and Allison’s engagement session in the falling snow yesterday.  It was so cold, but we still had a great time and they had such nice warm coats that it all worked out well.  We started out in arguably Kentucky’s most beautiful park. The snow on the ground had attracted many to the park’s big hill, but as we got away from it the rest of Cherokee Park was almost completely deserted and we seemed to have this massive sanctuary entirely to ourselves.  I love the beautiful stone bridges along the river that runs throughout the park. Brandon is a pilot, so, of course we had to take some photos at the airport as well.  We started inside the hangar and just as we made our way outside snow began to fall again. It was not an overwhelming blizzard, but just enough that it added to the drama of these images. To end this Winter engagement session we went down to shoot the Louisville skyline, but when we arrived we could barely see it through the fog. Allison was bummed because she had anticipated getting an image with the city lights behind them.  We decided to wait a bit longer in hopes that some of the city lights would shine through the cloud that had descended upon us. Once the time was just right we began to take the last few pictures. Snow was gently falling, but we could barely even notice it until I turned my flash on.  The light from the flash lit up every snowflake in the scene and made this dreamy photograph of reality. I just love how romantic they look kissing in the snow. I hope these pictures help remind you how fun winter can be.  Congratulations Allison and Brandon and I can’t wait to create some unique Lexington wedding pictures with you two in a few months.

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Jennifer Baileys

This is fantastic!


David nice shot!


Beyond excited!! These are awesome…cannot wait to see them all!!!


Awesome shots! How did Brandon end up with a looker like that?? Kidding!!


I think those are the BEST engagement pics I have ever seen! Gave me goosebumps!

Eric Graf Photography

Dude, the snow/airplane shot is money! Nice.

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