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Alexis and Matthew’s Engagement Session – Red River Gorge

As a Louisville wedding photographer I do most of my work right in the city or surrounding countryside, but I am always open to traveling. For Alexis and Matthew’s engagement session we went on a little road trip so they could take me to the very spot he popped the question. He had asked her to marry him on a cliff with a scenic view in Red River Gorge. They could not think of any place that fits them better and was more romantic and so they chose to do their session in one of Kentucky’s most beautiful natural landscapes. We had a wonderful time hiking around on tree-lined paths covered with the fall leaves. We went to an incredible stone arch that looked fabulous in the afternoon sunlight and to bluffs that looked down on the picturesque gorge. Even a small dirt road we drove through the woods made for an excellent backdrop. After the light of day was completely gone and we were driving back to civilization we drove through a long narrow tunnel cut right through the rock of the mountain. It was too unique to pass up so once we made it through the tunnel we turned the car around and shined its headlights back down that tunnel to create a stellar silhouette surrounded by the jagged rock edges of the tunnel. We only had a few minutes to work before we saw the lights of oncoming cars, but I absolutely love the image we got. We all had a good time together and I certainly enjoyed getting to know Alexis and Matthew. I am sure looking forward to their wedding next year at the Hurstbourne Country Club!

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Leslie Blair

These are fun.

Alexis Blecha

These look great! David you are amazing, you caught us in some good moments.

Harolyn Eup Clark

Alexis wow what beautiful pictures. You all are such a great couple and I’m so happy for you both.

Drea le Faye

Awww! <3 you guys!

Amber Blecha

Love you guys soooooo much;) can’t wait to make Matt an (official) member of the family!! Although he has been for years;) <3 <3<3<3

Marilyn Sinclair Blickle

Very pretty pics

Kayla Ash

I love the pics they look really good! You both look great! 🙂

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