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Adrienne & Ryan’s Louisville Wedding at the Ice House

Adrienne and Ryan’s fabulous rooftop wedding took place downtown atop of the city’s newest wedding venue: The Ice House. It’s a beautiful location for creating distinctive Louisville wedding photography. They took a risk booking the venue and sending out invitations long before the building had even been renovated. Adrienne & Ryan’s Louisville Wedding at the Ice House was actually one of the very first weddings at the venue. In fact, the building was still technically under construction with some of the last few details yet to be finished up before the wedding, but that was not going to stop this celebration from being completely off the hook. They were wanting a wedding that was fresh, bold and non-contemporary. They certainly got it. Adrienne’s attention to detail gave me as a Louisville wedding photographer so much to photograph. I absolutely loved her shoes and all the different textures on her dress looked awesome. She chose short black dresses for her bridesmaids so attention could  be drawn to the kicking green heels they were sporting. Adrienne had so much fun traipsing around downtown taking pictures. She looked stunning! Ryan on the other hand was just happy to be along for the ride.  They chose to do a creative reveal where they hit on opposite sides of a wall before the first look which made for some really fun images.  During the ceremony they had the ring bearer ring a bell and carry a sign that said Here comes the Bride. Then for the recessional he flipped it around and on the other side it read Just Married. They also rented a big party bus to take the whole bridal party across the river and shoot the cityscape.  We made some beautiful images against the skyline and even some out on the 2nd Street Bridge. The Ice House offered a modern setting for this brightly colored wedding reception. I love how they had things that were both classic like an ice sculpture and things that were just laid-back like couches creating a lounge feel.  The dance party was nonstop with a drink in everyone’s hand until Adrienne and Ryan finally made their big exit while all their guest waved glow sticks around them. The whole day was a blast and their Louisville wedding photos have now been published in Louisville bride magazine.  Feel free to check out Adrienne & Ryan’s Featured Wedding in Louisville Bride.

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