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I’m glad you stopped by. My name is David Blair and I am a Louisville Wedding Photographer. My goal as a wedding photographer is to provide brides and grooms throughout Kentucky, Indiana and anywhere worldwide with stunning photographic images and presentations. I strive to produce unique and artistic images that preserve the romance, emotions and overall vibe of weddings in an unobtrusive manner. I absolutely love my job and never get tired of shooting couples on their happiest day. Each wedding is a different and unique experience that pushes me to be even more creative.

I thoroughly enjoy shooting at different locations and I am thankful to my clients for the opportunity they give me to travel. I have shot couples at the foot of the Eiffel Tower at sunset, high atop bustling cities at night and in quiet country meadows. I have done destination weddings on California beaches, in European castles, at mountain lakes, in lush vineyards and on beautiful islands. I have shot in massive Catholic cathedrals and in tiny country churches, in the thick forests and out on boats. The truth is wherever my clients take me is exciting and challenging. Even at the local venues I’ve been to time and again each wedding is unique and keeps me thinking on my feet.

I discovered I had an eye for photography when I was first handed a camera in high school. With the school yearbook providing the film, I was able to continually improve and hone my skill. I had found my niche. In college, I took a variety of photography classes which taught me the technical side of photography, and I then furthered my skill by attending photography conferences and workshops. Now after 20 years of photographing weddings, I love it more than ever. In addition to weddings in Louisville David Blair Photography offers the following other services:

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