Toolbox Agreement

Indicator to accept the license agreement, indicated as false or true. By default, agreeToLicense is false. If a toolkit contains a license agreement: 3.3. If a module independent of the product or product as a whole is a redistributed product, in addition to paragraphs 3.1 to 3.2, the following provisions apply: (A) you can use the distributable product without quantitative limitation, unless otherwise stated the terms of use of the redisifified product; (ii) transmission, multiplication, transmission and access to the distributable product to third parties; (iii) sell your product that contains or uses the distributable product to a third party, but not to the redistributable product as-such; (iv) redistribute the redistributable product to another customer in accordance with applicable law and use the redistributable product on that customer, provided you have received permission from that customer`s owner to provide and use the redistributable product in this manner. You compensate JetBrains for all losses, costs or damages resulting from the provision of the distributable product to another customer and contrary to this clause. (B) You agree to ensure that the use of a distributable product, which you copy, redistribute or make available to a third party, is governed by an agreement between the third party as a customer and JetBrains, and that third party is bound to the agreement prior to the use of such a redistributive product. JetBrains is the exclusive owner and exclusive licensee of any redisdis distributed product. You acknowledge that you are responsible for the loss or damage caused by the violation of this section. The toolkit consists of a set of clauses, optional clauses and comments that explain the content of the clause.

Compiling the basic clauses will be a fully operational contract for simple, non-commercial search situations. Example: toolboxFile – “It`work`myOtherToolbox.mltbx” The toolkit contains a series of standard contractual clauses and easy-to-understand explanations for non-lawyers. The toolkit can be used to design mutually agreed terms, adapted to the specific situation of publicly funded university research. 16.1. Full agreement. This agreement, including the licensing conditions for third-party software, represents the entire agreement between the parties regarding their purpose and replaces all prior agreements between the customer and JetBrains regarding the customer`s use of products in the JetBrains toolbox. No orders, other order documents, handwritten or typed text purporting to modify or complete the printed text of this Agreement, or a calendar will complete or modify the terms of this Agreement, unless they are signed by both the Customer and JetBrains. The Integrated Products Directive applies to all products.

There is not a single policy instrument that can be used to promote the greening of all products at all stages of the life cycle, but a combination of a number of policy instruments.

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