Completion Agreement Po Polsku

If we get a new job, the company (employ/rent) will hire us if the company wants to recruit more employees than the company (wants to hire a few new employees / hire more employees). If we get a job, we will sign a contract. Employment contracts in English are subdivided into indeterminate contracts/employment/contract and fixed-term contracts. We are talking about permanent workers and workers. Futures workers are called fixed-term workers, for example. B workers employed while on leave from another worker. What they leave, read here. On the other hand, full-time and part-time workers are different in terms of working time. There is also a contract for a specific task execution task; Order contract (for artists, z.B for symphonies); The contract and the professional contract; Service contract. At the end of his studies, he became a teacher at the school for two years.

After completion, she said, the park would be handed over to the city. After completion, they moved into the house in 1874. The new building was completed within a year. At the end of the second season, he left the show. The employment contract may expire or expire. The termination by agreement/ termination by mutual agreement of the parties (Beck) may be terminated by amicable agreement of the parties (Beck). Another way to end an employment relationship is for the employer or worker to terminate the contract without notice. The termination of the contract by the employer by the worker`s fault law may be due to a serious violation of the worker`s fundamental obligations (serious fault, serious breach of duty), this type of dismissal being characterized as summary termination or termination of the contract without notice by the worker`s own fault (Beck).

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