Wedding Day Magazine Features Charley and Karen

As a Kentucky and Indiana wedding photographer it’s always a joy when wedding magazines come in the mail 3d films downloaden gratis. Having my work published is always a great honor and I was excited yesterday when Wedding Day Magazine arrived. Within it’s glossy pages Charley and Karen’s wedding in an apple orchard is currently being featured mit welcher app kann ich musik auf iphone herunterladen. This just makes their celebration that much more special.  They got married at the beautiful Huber’s Winery in Southern Indiana. This lovely vineyard wedding took place on a nice Fall day with clouds dramatically looming, but the rain stayed away!  We had a great time wandering through an apple orchard and a vineyard, both conveniently located within just 200 yards of the ceremony site power bi app herunterladen. They made their vows beneath a beautiful arbor with a view of the orchard behind them and surrounded by the vineyard. They looked great in the afternoon light battlefield 3 pc download for free. I just love how you can see the connection they have. Perhaps my favorite image from the day was taken from a high angle looking down on the two of them out in the midst of the vineyard video herunterladen youtube online. Of course the setting is amazing, but how they couldn’t seem to take their eyes off of each other made it that much more romantic. I also really enjoyed creating comfortable portraits as they walked down the vineyard rows herunterladen. At one point Charlie stopped to dip Karen back for a kiss. I chose to compose my image from a distance and from a low angle showing all the grapevines leading to the happy couple kehrmaschinen simulator kostenlosen. Congratulations Charley and Karen!

You can see some of their Engagement Session we did last Fall Here ising from youtube illegal.

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Great pictures, as usual.

Barbara Fischer

These photos are amazing- as are Charley and Karen! They looked so great and happy and it shows in the photos. Can’t wait to see more. Thanks so much for capturing the day.

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