Tony & Jamie’s Seelbach Wedding

Tony & Jamie’s Wedding at the Seelbach Hilton in downtown Louisville was an elegant occasion herunterladen. Every detail had been thought through to ensure this fun couples wedding was celebrated in style. First of all they chose an excellent venue. As a Louisville and Lexington wedding photographer I often get to photograph at the historic Seelbach Hotel and I never get tired of it 2d zeichenprogramme kostenlos downloaden. It helps give every image a good bit of sophistication even before you add a gorgeous woman in an elegant dress. That being said, Jamie was a truly beautiful bride and her jewelry, dress and accessories only helped to make that more evident herunterladen. One of my favorite images from the day is the one of her looking over her shoulder back into the mirror right after she stepped into her wedding gown audible download itunes. There is such excitement in her eyes. Of course, Tony also played the part of a handsome groom quite well.  All the festivities took place in the Grand Ballroom up on the 10th floor with a beautiful view of the city and the late afternoon sunlight citavi 6 downloaden. The elegant room has marble wall accents, palladium windows, massive crystal chandeliers and a welcoming fireplace. It’s no surprise that it was featured in The Great Gatsby as the setting for a wedding sony bravia fernseher apps herunterladen. After the ceremony everyone headed out into the foyer for a cocktail hour while the room was transformed into on opulent reception with beautiful center pieces and an excellent meal that would rival that of many good steak houses synology drive. They invited a lively bunch and the dance floor was moving nonstop from the first moment it opened. Everyone was having hey great time. Another one of my favorite images was of guests toasting the bride and groom herunterladen. I was able to capture the toast from a unique angle that allowed me to look up through the glasses. I love how it turned out. Which one is your favorite alarmton herunterladen? Let us know in the comments below.

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Frankie Sue Bach Dunn

Love all the pictures! Looks like it was a very lovely wedding… Congratulations ….

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