Geof & Bela’s Louisville Wedding Details

Congratulations to Geof and Bela whose beautiful spring wedding was yesterday herunterladen! Here are some of the details from their Louisville Wedding. Both the ceremony and reception were held at the Louisville Marriott Downtown herunterladen. Geof and Bela named all of the tables after cities they had visited while in Europe together and then put a photo and short story about their time in each city how can I from youtube mp3. Everyone from Essential Details did an amazing job of using their colors, which were apple green, navy and light blue, all throughout the wedding herunterladen. The centerpieces had fresh green apples and grapes. The flowers from Nanz and Kraft fit the elegance of the day perfectly tweet herunterladen. I enjoyed all of the unique finishing touches they opted to include. As if a beautiful cake from Gallery House Cakes was not enough dessert, they had an entire table of pies, an espresso bar and a wonderful sweets table, courtesy of the Kentucky Candy Buffet music program! An open bar pleased most of the guests, but they also accommodated the many young people in attendance by offering a specialty non-alcoholic drink, which was of course, green cv student!

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