David’s Senior Photos

Though it was a few years ago, I feel like I shot these photos just a while back, but this weekend I’m flying out to Northern California to shoot my cousin’s wedding Download minecraft hogwarts for free! These are his Senior Portraits and I think he made a handsome model, giving me several opportunities to get creative. It’s always nice to have a lot of time with clients so that we have plenty of opportunity for fun download sniper pc games for free. So, even though it feels like yesterday for me to shoot his senior pics, I’m thinking his mom feels like he was born yesterday. I’ll see you soon, David and Alyssa matlab rwth herunterladen!

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WooHoo! Go David and Alyssa! We are so excited for you and wish we could be there this weekend! It is going to be so fun. Eat a piece of cake for me!


Thanks for posting these. Thanks for coming out, too. We are so excited for your expertise.
AND you are right…seems like yesterday that he was born.
Get here! lol

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